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Hi there,


If there are a few things in life that I think about daily, it is the thought of creating and it is something that I’ve been doing my entire life. Though I never went to art school, I kept on trying to become some form of artist and wether that was in the medium of film or photography, I was always wanting to make something. Though recently I have got back into drawing full time. 


I’m trying to connect with people through my artwork, to make work that is vibrant, that can change somebodies mindset and to hopefully bring some positivity in people’s life, because if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is to look after our mental health.


On my home page you will see a short film that I wrote and directed some years ago called ‘Keep Moving’ that got accepted into a few film festivals and has been given three good write up by 'The London Film Review', 'Film Threat' and 'Candid Magazine' You can read the reviews on the home page, by clicking on the link. 


Currently I am mainly working on drawing commissioned work. Mostly all my own work has been inspired by moments in my  life or traveling. I always try to make portray upbeat art, as I believe strongly that surrounding yourself with positivity can make your outward thinking better. Plus the reason why I am making artwork, is with the hope to be able to sell and to hopefully fund my future film projects. Hopefully I can achieve this. 



Some of my artwork will have the name 'Burton Bowen' on it and incase your wondering why, it was a stage name that I went for, but now I want to be truthful to myself and use my actual name.


Thank you…

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