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I am a graduate in Media Communication from London College of Communication, the University of the Arts, London. I wrote and directed my first short film that is now doing it's festival tour; the film is called Keep Moving  and it has been given three great write up by 'The London Film Review', 'Film Threat' and 'Candid Magazine' You can read the reviews on the home page, by clicking on the link. 


My aims in life are: to become a filmmaker, to write and then direct and to see my creation come alive onto the big screen. With being dyslexic I have always found watching film to be a form of escape and ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be in film. After my GCSE I went into work, working in retail, café and administrative roles. I always found peace in watching films, would find myself using most of my free time going to the cinema or watching a DVD. Getting my degree is a huge benefit to me and my current/future work, as I learnt the theory that goes into making a scene or the whole film and I have learnt ways of thinking that I would had sadly missed if I went into practical ‘filmmaking’.


My other aim was to create my own production company Light Brigade Pictures Ltd, that was founded in 2013 and is something I hope to see grow into being able to found my own projects and other peoples projects. I hope you enjoy the site and watch my latest film; I will be posting updates for my film ‘Keep Moving’, so keep an eye out.


Thank you…

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